Safe, Thriving Neighborhoods

Diversity & Inclusion Lifelong Learners Healthy Families Supportive Community



Our Vision

We envision thriving neighborhoods that are safe; neighborhoods that truly celebrate cultural diversity. Our children will be eager and ready to become lifelong learners. Our families will be healthy – physically, mentally and emotionally – and provided with a network of support services to fully meet their needs. Our community will be a place where individuality is appreciated and everyone is encouraged to reach their full potential.

Our Mission

To deliver a full complement of behavioral health services to youth, their families and individuals in the neighborhoods we serve throughout Santa Clara County. We do so with a deep commitment to respect and reflect the cultural and linguistic diversity of our clients. Partnerships are essential to our success, and we will continue to build lasting connections with local schools, mental and physical healthcare systems and other providers.

Areas of Impact

ARCC will work to ensure that:

  1. Our youth and families have resources for overcoming behavioral health concerns including substance use and mental health challenges.
  2. All of our kids are kindergarten ready.
  3. Our youth graduate from middle school, high school and beyond.
  4. Our youth and families are free from involvement with the justice and/or social services systems.
  5. Our homes, schools and neighborhoods are safe – free of violence and dangerous behaviors.

Our Guiding Principles

ARCC programs and services are based on a set of guiding principles developed by staff and volunteer leadership. These principles reflect our respect for our clients – their individuality and their strengths. We champion diversity and inclusion and deliver services in the most appropriate and sensitive environment for our clients. We collaborate with schools, agencies and other providers to maintain a menu of programs that are cohesive and mission-centered. We use evidence-based and best practices for true accountability against measurable goals.

  1. Diversity

    Community-based services that are language and culturally appropriate.

  2. Respect

    Respect and belief in the value of each individual.

  3. Collaboration

    Work with and foster relationships with our community members and partners.

  4. Continuum of Services

    Responsive to changing community needs while at the same time recognizing what we do best and provide services with fall within our Continuum.

  5. Least Restrictive Environment

    As a firm believer in Juvenile Detention Reform, we help people solve problems at the family and community level.

  6. Accountability

    Recognition that individuals are ultimately responsible for making choices to improve their lives.

  7. Strenth-Based

    We look for the positive in each person, build on those assets, and nurture connections to family and community.