About Us


ARCC Values

Values are an integral component to any organization in supporting healthy positive and goal-oriented interactions and relationships.

Our management team worked together and gathered feedback from staff to come up with core six values that are consistent with our Guiding Principles and speak to who we are and who we strive to be with each other \ in our work at ARCC:

  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Diversity
  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Innovation & Flexibility

These values reflect four decades of service by ARCC and are a key to how we have grown and attracted such competent, dedicated and amazing employees.

About ARCC

In 1974, a small group of community activists from the most challenged neighborhoods in Eastside San José acted with passion and compassion to create an effective, grassroots organization to address the damage of disenfranchisement, family conflict, school failure and delinquency among high-risk youth. The neighbors they sought to help were primarily Hispanic/Latino, mono- or bi-lingual Spanish/English speakers living in poverty with a very real threat of violence every day. The founders’ intent was to offer practical, proven solutions to families when and where they need them most. Their approach, which we continue to follow today, was to build upon the inherent strengths of the individual, of the family and of the community. They were determined to be inclusive, to respect of culture and deliver services in the language in which clients were most fluent and comfortable. They build staff representative of the neighborhoods served.

Honoring this tradition, we employ a strategic service delivery system that is unique among service agencies, delivering programs in homes, in schools, at community centers and at our neighborhood clinic to maximize their impact and effectiveness. ARCC embraces the youth of our community who are at highest risk for academic failure and a life in the criminal justice system—youth that, in many cases, the rest of the community has written off. The agency’s programs are distinctively tailored to the needs of East San Josè families, and provide a personal touch to go with our professional expertise and aims to reach its goal of “creating responsible adults from East San Jose’s highest risk youth.” For over 34 years, our staff and volunteers deliver outstanding measurable results:

In 2015, ARCC Supported:

  • 318 parents of children (0-5) needing support with positive parenting and preparing their childrend to be kindergarten-ready.
  • 120 parents at high-risk of abusing due to lack of knowledge and access to services.
  • 583 youth and their families at high risk for mental illness and associated academic failure.
  • 104 middle school youth identified as high risk for dropout.

In 2015, ARCC Served:

  • 167 juvenile offenders (age 12-18) at high risk for life in the justice system.
  • 2,230 youth and their families in crisis (age 6-21).
  • 78 parents with child neglect and abuse refferrals.