24 Hour Mobile Crisis Response & Counseling (MCRC)


Prompt, Professional and Effective Response, Around the Clock


“Giving back to the communities in which we are based is core to Cisco's culture. Cisco is proud to support the Mobile Crisis Response and Counseling Program, which will help families throughout the East Santa Clara Valley be healthy and happy.”

– Tae Yoo, Vice President, Cisco Corporate Affairs


When moments count, Mobile Crisis Response and Counseling (MCRC) is a reliable resource for people in need. The program is at the heart of ARCC—a phone number that is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Trained, linguistically and culturally sensitive and compassionate professionals offer support to guardians of minors aged 6-17 who are habitual truants, runaways, curfew violators or who are behaviorally beyond the control of their guardians. Since 1979, MCRC provided immediate face-to-face counseling, as well as post-crisis follow-up. The long-term results and outcome sought for this innovative program are to improve the mental health and emotional well-being of low-income, high-risk, minority youth and their families by restoring family stability, creating access to coordinated, age-appropriate mental health/care services and crisis intervention support. 24/7 Hotline number: (408) 294-0579.


96% of all youth served by our mobile crisis response program in 2007-2008 did not require follow-up interventions by police or juvenile justice authorities.


To find out more about this program please call (408) 240-0070