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Does it cost me anything to receive the services of Alum Rock Counseling Center (ARCC)?

ARCC’s services are available free of charge to youth and their families living in Santa Clara County.

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How is ARCC different from other agencies—why are you the best for my family’s needs?

ARCC is the only agency that serves youth (ages 0-19) with a specific focus on the East/Central San Josè area, serving the highest percentage (over 80%) of Latino, immigrant, and monolingual clients in the region. For over 34 years, ARCC’s programs have helped to keep at-risk youth safe, in school, and drug- and violence-free. Currently, ARCC’s 40 full-time employees and over 100 volunteers serve 3,000 youth and their families each year, and 95% of our direct services staff are culturally and linguistically reflective of the community we serve. In March 2008, ARCC received the Project Cornerstone Award acknowledging success in promoting Developmental Asset #41: Positive Cultural Identity. ARCC was chosen due to the cultural competence of the staff and the similar backgrounds and experiences that they share with clients served by the agency.

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What is the first step towards getting help from ARCC? Do I have to fill out lots of papers?

No. Simply call our hotline anytime – (408) 294-0579, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week—and one of our ARCC counselors will be available to help you to take care of your needs.

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How many programs do you have, and where can I learn more about them?

Currently, ARCC operates 12 programs addressing critical issues of truancy/school failure, juvenile delinquency, gang activity, drug/alcohol abuse, and family violence. Our continuum of care, working with youth and families at a variety of risks, promotes long-term, positive outcomes in a community challenged by struggles for adequate healthcare and professional support. Our programs are described in detail on our Web site under “ARCC Programs”.

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Do you have services for very young children—or only for adolescents?

Although most of the families we serve have children between the ages of 11 and 18, our First Five program serves children 0-5 years of age. For more information please contact Neidy Lozada, Program Manager, at nlozada@alumrockcc.org.

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I would like to volunteer as a mentor. Where can I find more information and an application?

Please visit the Mentoring section of our Web site and/or contact our Program Manager, David Sandate or via
phone at 408.294.0500 x 158.

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What is your most important contribution to East San Jose?

ARCC has been instrumental in reducing the rate of juvenile delinquents re-penetrating the system. For over 34 years, our staff and volunteers have delivered outstanding, measurable results and helped East San Jose’s highest risk youth to grow into responsible adults.


During the 2007-2008 fiscal year:

  • 94% of all youth served by a gang intervention program successfully halted their involvement with the juvenile justice system or avoided it altogether.
  • 96% of all youth served by a mobile crisis response program did not require follow-up interventions by police or juvenile justice authorities.
  • 75% of all students participating in our Truancy Reduction Program (TRS) reported an increased commitment to staying in school and graduating from high-school.
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How can I make a donation to ARCC?

You may donate online via our Web site, or you may contact Nivisha Mehta, Director of Development at nmehta@alumrockcc.org to make an in-kind, stock, or cash donation. With the generosity of two major family foundations in the area in the form of a Challenge Grant, all new donations made to ARCC will be matched two to one up to $15,000. For example, a gift of $100 will result in a total donation of $300 to ARCC. Please consider making a donation to ARCC now so that your investment in our community may be leveraged with others to make a more healthy and vibrant East San Jose.