Helping youth in the Juvenile Justice system strengthen their relationships and coping skills



The Direct Referral Program (DRP) provides counseling and life skills education for youth ages 11-14 who are first-time offenders in the Juvenile Justice System. In collaboration with the Santa Clara County Juvenile Department of Probation, San Jose Police Department, Bill Wilson Center, and Community Solutions, the DRP aims to improve and build upon youth’s relationships and coping skills. 



Youth are referred to DRP through assigned Probation Officers, according to designated zip codes.



Services for youth 11 years of age and younger, and their families include Mental Health Assessment, Treatment Plans, Individual and Family Therapy (10-20 sessions), and Parenting Classes.



Services for youth 12-14 years of age include Botvin Life Skills (14 workshops), 1:1 Therapy (10-20 sessions), Family Therapy, Group Therapy, and Parenting Classes.



To find out more about this program please call (408) 294-0500