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Children’s Services for Ages 0-5
(Home Visitation)


Caring and Help Early on can Start a Child on the Right Path for a Lifetime


Children’s Services for Ages 0-5 supports families with young children who are exhibiting behavioral issues or have experienced trauma. This intelligent and professional intervention can make a huge difference in the ability of a family to cope with the unique challenges of raising a special needs child. ARCC offers culturally and linguistically sensitive in-home services for parents who need training in positive parenting skills, nutrition counseling and early literacy. These services enable parents to strengthen families and ready their children for kindergarten.


Through its convenient, home-based programs and workshops, ARCC is able to offer opportunities and advantages that families might not yet be able to obtain on their own. The importance of readying a child for kindergarten cannot be overstated; one essential part of that readiness involves decreasing environmental stressors and helping the family to be positive and strong for the child. Sensitivity to the challenges that the family itself is going through is an integral part of the program. Supporting parents as they deal with the child helps to ensure a good learning environment in which important new skills can be learned and reinforced.


 ARCC’s Home Visitation Program aims to prevent child abuse and to educate and support parents in learning effective childcare and child-rearing skills. The program also helps build families and teach crisis and stress management to create a safe, positive and caring environment for an at-risk child. 


Home Visitation is a Santa Clara County FIRST 5 funded program and implemented in collaboration with a cadre of local non-profit organizations.


To find out more about this program please call (408) 240-0070



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