Crisis Intervention for Youth (CIPY)


Taking Action to Provide Support and Prevent Tragic Outcomes


Crisis Intervention for Youth (CIPY) provides essential life intervention for at-risk, low-income youth. By offering structured and relevant intervention services, case management, and a six-week life skills education and support group, the service helps to steer at-risk youth away from detrimental behavior such as alcohol use and gang interaction.


In 2007, 96% of youth who completed the program did not require further involvement with law enforcement three months after concluding services.


ARCC offers four cycles of CIPY per year for young people with a history of involvement with the juvenile justice system and who need additional support to function in their family and community. CIPY provides one-on-one counseling services, as well as weekly support groups. The goal of this intensive curriculum is to help young people develop a sense of self—away from the many negative influences to which they were susceptible. CIPY provides an encouraging, respectful and culturally sensitive environment, where recruits can share their feelings and build trust. CIPY not only provides education, guidance and support to the highest risk youth, it gives them something more essential, lasting and important—a chance at a better future.


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