United Way and ARCC Partner with Sylvandale Middle School

Stronger Together: United Way and ARCC partner with Sylvandale Middle School

A generous three year grant from United Way of Silicon Valley is helping at-risk students in East San Jose achieve success in middle school, high school and beyond. The $150,000 grant supports ARCC’s School Based Partnership for Success program at Sylvandale Middle School.

A number of studies show that academic performance in middle school is strongly correlated to high school graduation and drop-out rates. In fact, according to national statistics, students who receive just one F in middle school have an 88% likelihood of dropping out of high school and students who miss 20 or more days in 9th grade have a 50% drop-out rate.

With these alarming statistics in mind, ARCC partnered with United Way to focus on catching high-risk middle school students before they slip through the cracks. The program offers life skills courses, individual and family counseling and parent engagement sessions, all designed to improve students’ attendance, behavior and commitment to staying in school.

While the program is only in its second year, we have already seen impressive results. For instance, there is 12-year-old JC’s story. A 7th grader at Sylvandale Middle School, JC has dealt with a lot in his young life: physical abuse, domestic violence, and a father in jail. All of which took its toll, and JC began failing classes and acting aggressively. ARCC’s program offered him life skills classes with a group of kids going through the same kinds of things he was, as well as individual counseling. Now JC is motivated to do his schoolwork and is learning how to deal with his feelings in a healthier way.

Thanks to the support of United Way of Silicon Valley, ARCC can continue helping students like JC thrive and achieve!